5 Steps to a Sacred, Juicy Autumn Reset

Every year around this time, the Fall Equinox, I get a case of what my friends and I will joke, "back to school vibes" – where you feel inspired to comb through your long tangly mermaid locks from the wild summer ways, put your bra back on and energetically sharpen your "pencils."

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Rachel Rossitto
: : :Magnetic is Open : : :

I'm so excited to finally share something near and dear to my heart. I've been pouring my love into this for months and it's finally out into the world! YAY! I present to you MAGNETIC, an 8-week journey for creative, ambitious women who long to experience more beauty, love and abundance in their lives.

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Rachel RossittoMagnetic
Post Summer Update!

I just returned from being off the grid for a few weeks and I'm excited to be back in the redwoods to digest and integrate a very abundant few months – India! Orcas Island! Burning Man! The sacred waters of the Yuba! So much, so much.

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Rachel RossittoSelf, Magnetic