How to Attract the Life You Want (a podcast interview)

Happy Wednesday my dear!

I'm so excited to share a conversation I had with the amazing Kathlyn Hart from the Big Leap Show Podcast, where she interviews all kinds of boss ladies.

It was such an honor to sit down with her and share openly about my journey from being a wild one in my early 20s and hitting rock bottom in the ER, to starting Rose Holistic and finding my love Ben.

Listen to the Interview here.



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The Big Leap Show's Favorite Takeaways:

Sometimes dreaming is more productive than planning: We often think in order to get to our goal we have to make a plan and push, push, push. Sometimes though it’s impossible to plan and push your way to your dream. As an alternative, Rachel encourages allowing yourself to put the intention out into the world, let go and leave room for the universe to fulfill your longing. It may not come the way we expected, but it may be better than pushing until complete exhaustion.

Be pulled by a vision, not pushed by a plan- @ra_roseholistic #TheBigLeapShowCLICK TO TWEET

Cultivate a garden within: Our internal landscape really reflects our external experience and life and how we manifest everything. When we do the deep inner work we realize we don’t need to move all the part on the outside. Come home to yourself, water your seeds, weed when you need to, and give space for things to blossom.

Do the inner work, cultivate a garden within - @ra_roseholistic #TheBigLeapShow


Behind the Boss:

Favorite pump-up song: Coffee by Sylvan Esso
Current challenge working through: Right now I’m working on creating more spaciousness in my calendar. Especially this time of year I can pack my days tight with deadlines, events, travel, etc. It’s all good stuff, but I’m trying to avoid self-imposed stress – there’s just no need! I love having sacred mornings where I can drop in and not feel rushed. I find when I do this I’m a much more present, effective, loving person.
Next item on bucket list: Making pottery and learning to tango.
Simple pleasure: Eating spoonfuls of cacao manna (coconut butter) throughout my day + baths with my sweetheart.
Life motto: Find the treasure, and bring it back to share.

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    Rachel Rossitto