Learn 3 Easy Ways To Harness The Power Of The Goddess

photo by Daniel Johnson

This morning I woke up early, made tea and got right into the bath. I sang as the water filled half way. A cool breeze came in from the window and I felt immense gratitude for the simple, sweet moment. I felt raw and alive.

I always find this time of year to be very electric. The veil is thin as the seasons change. We have an opportunity to be vulnerable, let go and open to the great mystery.

Today marks a very sacred and powerful time.

It is the first day of Navaratri (Nava = nine & Ratri = nights in Sanskrit), a 9-day celebration of the Divine Feminine or Great Mother, according to the Vedic calendar.

Navaratri is celebrated every year around the spring and fall equinoxes in honor of change, transition and transformation! These 9 days invite us to look within, cleanse, purify and come out feeling elevated and renewed.  

The 9 days are divided into 3 parts, honoring 3 different goddesses: Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, symbolizing various aspects of nature and the Self.

I invite you to tap into these goddess energies over the next 9 days and see what arises.

Oct 13-15: Durga (destroyer) is the warrior aspect of the Divine Mother. She is fierce, fearless and a remover of darkness. She has the power to uproot old patterns to create space for the new. Consider what in your life wants to be destroyed? What isn't serving you anymore? In what ways can you use Durga's fire to create more of what you want?

Action Step: On a piece of paper write 3 habits you are ready to let go of, then burn it.

Oct 16-18: Lakshmi (sustainer) is the goddess of beauty, love, health and abundance. She represents the aspect of ourselves that is willing to live in a state of ease and appreciation for all that we already have. To embody Lakshmi, practice giving and receiving, learning to be comfortable in expanded states of consciousness and increased income, create beauty in your home, adorn yourself and cook nourishing foods : )

Action Step: Bring home fresh flowers and take a moment each day to appreciate them. 

Oct 19-21: Saraswati (creator) is the goddess of knowledge, understanding and creativity. Connect with your inner artist. The space has been cleared and you have cultivated a loving, supportive baseline, now it's time to create and manifest! 

Action Step: Take 20 minutes and write a poem then share it with at least one person.

Allow the energies of these goddesses to integrate into your system and bring a fresh perspective to the way you engage with yourself and the world around you. Drink lots of fluids, get rest and let me know what your experience was like!