Post Summer Update!

I just returned from being off the grid for a few weeks and I'm excited to be back in the redwoods to digest and integrate a very abundant few months – India! Orcas Island! Burning Man! The sacred waters of the Yuba! So much, so much.

Gradually, I'm synthesizing and weaving these gems of experience into my blog and upcoming 8-week online program called MAGNETIC beginning Oct 16.

{Enrollment opens this Sunday! Stay tuned for more details.}

It's been so grounding and nourishing to be home again and practicing my sacred morning rituals; yoga, meditation, breathing, tea, journaling and other lovely things.

In the next few weeks, I'll be sharing posts and insights as I work through the 6 layers of being that form the foundation of MAGNETIC: Self, Body, Beauty, Relationships, Creative Expression and Life Purpose.

In this post, The Throne of My Heart, I dig into #layer1self and unpack a bit of my recent journey in India meditating with 3.7 million people – and share how cultivating a morning practice has been one of the most profound changes I've made in my life.

I credit these precious morning rituals to discovering inner peace and self-love, calling in my sweetheart Benjamin and discovering my purpose supporting women in deeply knowing themselves and embodying their fullest expression. 

A little backstory ...

In my early 20s I lived in New York City and worked at a fast-paced startup. I had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle; worked long hours, ate on the go, slept 4-6 hours a night and got boozy almost every day to self-medicate.

I noticed that when I made the time to sit with myself – which was not always easy and listen to what was stirring inside, effortlessly things started to change. I became happier and more authentic, my manifesting powers were off the charts and I felt a deep sense of acceptance and trust in myself and began taking more ownership over what was happening in my life.

I realized I was truly the creator of my own reality and when I tap into that infinite source of presence and love within, anything is possible.

This is the foundation of what I believe it means to be MAGNETIC – connected to your heart (self-loving), trusting in the Universe, patient with your process, having a vision that is greater than YOU and most importantly, willing to take small steps each day.

Here is an invitation for you ...

I invite you to take 1 action step today that would allow you to be still and silent. Perhaps it's sitting in the sun with your head tilted upwards, going to a yoga class, quietly drinking some tea or laying on your back and taking 10 deep breaths.

Reply to this email and let me know what you plan to do!

I look forward to sharing more about the MAGNETIC layers in the days to come.

With love,


Rachel RossittoSelf, Magnetic