Supercharge your {week} with the dark goddess DURGA

It's a cool, rainy eve here in Mill Valley, CA and I'm posted up at my home office cosy-like with a candle lit and copal burning, listening to my new favorite playlist Playa Mantras, curated by the wise and beautiful Claire (...who's making all the yummy local, organic food for the Magnetic retreat!)

The playlist is perfect for a gentle yoga practice, drinking tea, writing or sacred chill vibes at home – which I know you're all about = )

As you remember, we were in a cosmic vortex on Friday with the Black Moon – setting intentions, planting seeds, opening our hearts and dancing through the darkness! I loved hearing your incredible stories.

Well, the magic continues.

Today is Day #3 of Navaratri, a 9-day Vedic festival dating back thousands of years to honor the warrior goddess – DURGA.

In the photo above, you can see she is riding a lion (supa badass) and has ten arms that bear divine weapons to protect all that is sacred – including you.

She's beautiful, fierce and ... that's right ... helps you slay your demons.

The parts of you that suck and cause suffering – being overly critical, comparing yourself to others, negative self-talk – yeah, she kills them.

What does this mean for a modern woman like yourself?


It means, this week is a perfect opportunity to make friends with DURGA and let her help you out. Ask for her guidance and see what shifts!

A simple way to call in DURGA...

Make an offering. Yesterday I took a bowl of cacao and roses to the waterfall near my house and I offered them to her. I simply asked her to help me let go of any old patterns, habits or ways of being that don't serve me anymore. You could also place a flower on your altar or sprinkle rice on the earth – whatever comes naturally.

Ritual is best when kept simple, and comes from a place deep within your heart.

Jai Ma!

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Rachel Rossitto