Truly Sharing My Heart – is Terrifying

Hi darling!

It's been a while since I've written – I knnnnnnow.

To be honest I've had writers block.

SO MUCH has happened in the past few months... so many experiences, so many lessons, so much change and growth ... it's been hard to distill into words.

But, I'll try = )

In the next few months I will be sharing some of the best of what I've unearthed with hopes that it delights you, inspires you, provides a fresh perspective, and adds a little more depth and beauty to your day. It's called the HEART series.

Please know that sharing myself – truly sharing my heart – is terrifying for me.

However, this is my medicine at the moment. This is what I'm learning to do – express myself from a deeply authentic, truthful place. I'm not good at just surface stuff.

Thank you for being open and willing to share this journey with me. Perhaps you will also feel inspired to express your heart in your own way. The world needs more people telling their stories, giving their gifts and sharing their love, right?

In the photo above I'm in the middle of a process where I was asked to map out my entire life. NBD.

Through this mapping experience, I was able to see everything from a birds eye view – themes & patterns – my journey from light to darkness to light again, from point A to point B, from seed to blossom ... and back to seed. I'm ready to share what I've learned.

In the next few months I will be sharing answers to questions my clients often ask me, interviews with wise women, insights from ceremonies and initiations, clips from my journals, and more – all related to walking the path of the priestess.

This is a path of growth and alchemy, where we learn to master the art of transforming the "coal of life" into diamonds, with grace and ease = )

I'll be covering everything from healthy living & spirituality to love & partnership to being a girl boss / business owner, and how to integrate it all –the masculine and feminine energies that dance and intertwine within us all.

Please feel free to unsubscribe if these things don't resonate with you! I respect your current needs and interests. No hard feelings I swear.

I want all of us here to be on the same page = )