Webinar: 3 Essential Practices for Calling in True Love

Morning darling!

I just finished my regular 6:30am yoga class in Sausalito that I've been teaching for almost 3 years now, and I'll say it again, I love teaching yoga so much.

Even though the class is early as F*&$, and I get paid pennies, it brings me so much joy. My lifetimes as a tantrika yogini bleed through and it fills a deep well inside of me : ) It's so important that we do the things we love – right? Why else are we here?

Ok, 2 exciting things ...

1. Only a few spots left in MAGNETIC! Sign up.

Doors close Saturday so if you feel called to join us for the full experience, or the DIY option – sign up today! I still have a few scholarships available so if your heart feels really called, please message me. We may be able to work something out.

2. Today I'm offering a free webinar on calling in true love. Sign up!

For most of my life, a deep wish of mine was to call in a partner with whom I could share a life – to merge completely, to deepen in our connection with spirit, and to explore and serve the world together.

Many of the women I coach share this desire – and yet something about our modern lives seems to make it challenging to call in the loving, supportive partner we all know we deserve.

After years of unhealthy relationships, I started a set of practices that prepared me to call in the love of my life – my fiancé Ben.

Our 4+ years of partnership have shown me that true love is real and that it can be easeful, supportive, juicy and enduring.

I'm even more in love with Ben today than I was when we first met.

(I don't say this to brag, I share this to show that it is possible!)

This love nourishes every aspect of my life, and my mission has become to help more women experience the depth and bliss of sacred partnership.

Join me in this free webinar on Thursday, Oct 6th at 4pm PT where I’ll share the 3 essential practices I used to call love into my own life.

The call will be a workshop format; I’ll share stories from my life, and we'll walk through each of the three practices together. Make sure to bring a notebook!

With love,


Rachel Rossitto