What Do You Do on a Black Moon?

Today is an extremely rare and powerful lunar time and you have the opportunity to harness this intensified energy to manifest something deep and powerful.

We are in a Black Moon.

On a very practical level, it means this is the second of 2 new moons this month.

New moon = opposite of full moon = no light = good for stargazing!

On an energetic level, the black moon carries a distinct vibration, one that, if we attune to it, can be deeply healing and transformational – especially as it relates to partnership and sacred union because Venus is the ruler of this moon.

Take a moment to read below and consider creating a reflective, sacred space today so you can hit the reset button, refresh the browsers of your mind and plant new seeds within your radiant heart for this new moon cycle.

According to Rebelle Society,

"This Black Moon is in Libra, which is bringing us into a deep dive on the subject of partnerships, union and harmony. This is a very powerful time to set intentions for deep, lasting, committed partnerships and relationships.

This Moon is opening up a potent relationship portal, and asking us to look within the deepest parts of ourselves and at what we are wanting in regards to real, true union.

This Moon is asking whether we are ready to choose the love that we have been desiring. Are we ready to honor ourselves with self-love and move away from the places that we have been settling for far too long?

Libra is ruled by Venus, and she has been responsible for opening our eyes over the last few years in regards to our relationships, the issues and blocks we have, where we are no longer in alignment, where we are deserving of more, and what our hearts are truly desiring.

This Moon is asking you to believe and to trust there is more that is unfolding and about to flow into your world. Anything is possible; never forget that.

As with all New Moons, set your intentions, write abundance checks, enjoy a sacred Moon bath, or use this time to smudge and clear yourself or your environment for the upcoming lunar cycle."


So much of the work I do with women in Magnetic is around healing the heart because we've all had challenging relationships, painful breakups and abuse from men that have left us feeling broken, negatively effecting all areas of our life.

So badly we want to experience love again, but have forgotten how to love ourselves in the process.

I've learned it's impossible to be in a healthy, loving, thriving partnership if we're unable or unavailable to give and receive love. Why is it so hard?

The truth is, you are made of love – it's literally the fabric of your being. You have infinite access to the most beautiful pure form of love you can possibly imagine and it's all within you, ready to flow like water – it just needs to be tapped.

I invite you to take this moon to reflect on how partnership and union are manifesting in your life.

Action Step: Carve out 30 minutes and go somewhere quiet to sit down. Once there, light a candle, burn sage if you have it, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and sit for 5 minutes in silence. Take out your journal and reflect on these questions:

How is my heart right now? Am I fulfilled in my current relationships? Am I holding back? What am I most afraid of? What is my biggest dream of love? What am I most excited about? What old thoughts and patterns am I ready to let go of? What am I calling in right now? What am I willing to take responsibility for? What are 3 commitments to myself I will make today?

Lastly, when you get home turn off all the lights and put on one of your favorite songs. I want you to close your eyes, and dance what you are calling in through your body. Feel into it – like it's already happened!

I did this myself once, and it turned out really well : ) You can listen to the full story here.

Please, let me know how your black moon ritual goes.

A blessed moon to you.

Rachel Rossitto