Why women need women to thrive

Happy New Moon! 

Today is the perfect time to write or speak a vision you hold dear to your heart into the Universe. The moon is dark and the energy is fertile.

Take your acorn of a wet n wild dream and press it into the moist soil so with time, you can watch it unfold into the majestic oak tree that it truly is. {Ritual below.}

Yesterday one of my oldest, dearest sisters Lianda spent the day with me at my creative studio and I shared my tender vision of performing my songs on stage (!!!) ... this year (!!!) ... starting next week... (!!!)

While sharing the details of this dream with her, my heart was pounding, I was nervously biting my lip (as you can see in the photo below Lianda snapped) and I felt extremely uncomfortable in my skin ... while also giddy at the same time.

Despite the discomfort, I felt held and witnessed – it was empowering. 

Lianda so sweetly held supportive loving space which helped me to be present to the whirlwind of emotions that arose. It was so liberating.

I realized when we feel safe to share a deep-seeded Truth with a loving sister (mother earth herself embodied), that truth is amplified and we grow in our capacity to manifest what we long most for exponentially.

This is the magic that oozes when women support women.

It's crucial women gather and hold space for each other's innermost, sacred selves, especially during cosmically potent times like full and new moons. As women, we are innately connected to the moon, so when we align our energies with these cycles, everything becomes more easeful because we're actually moving WITH (instead of against) the flow of nature and the higher powers that be!

Give it a try and see what happens : )

The Invitation / Ritual:

Call in a band of women who you respect and trust and gather under the moon tonight. Set the mood with candles, an altar, burn sage, turn on music and sit in a circle. The energy of the new moon is more internal than external, so let the be silence. Give 15 minutes for everyone to write a vision they feel shy about, then go around the room and have each woman share.

The only real rule is that each woman shares and listens with her whole heart and soul.

What do you want to birth into the world? What is a vision you hold? What terrifies you and excites you at the same time? How do you want to make this world a better place? What would bring you more joy? What part of you doesn't get to be expressed anymore that you wish did? What makes you come alive?

I always love hearing from you!

With love,


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Rachel Rossitto