Iron & Velvet: A Free 3-Part Webinar Series on the Sacred Feminine & Masculine


Hi lovely friends,

Around this time of year, I find myself wearing black lace, spending more time around candles with my sisters, and cackling a little louder – you too? 

With Samhain around the corner– the ancient pagan holiday that honors ancestors and the spirit realm with the veil between worlds at it's thinnest – I'm offering a FREE 3-part webinar series to talk about the sacred feminine and sacred masculine energies that exist within all of us, and how we can apply the core concepts of their healthy expression, into our day-to-day life. 

As many of you know I have been teaching Feminine Wisdom for many years now, and more recently, I've been deep in the inquiry of exploring the magic of the sacred masculine as it meets the feminine, and how these two energies – when working together, awaken our ultimate creative power, and truest gifts. 

I don't have all the answers, but I'm on this journey learning just like you! In this webinar, I share the best insight gems I've gathered on my journey so far. 

CLAIM YOUR SPOT HERE: Iron & Velvet Part 1: 3 Essential Practices for Embodying your Feminine Wisdom begins October 25, 11am PT

The first 3 people who sign up will receive a free 20-minute coaching session with me – our time together will help you get clear on your core desires and what is blocking them from fully manifesting– yet!


Iron & Velvet

A 3-Part Free Webinar Series on the Sacred Feminine & Masculine

October 25: 3 Essential Practices for Embodying your Feminine Wisdom
November 1: 3 Essential Practices for Embodying your Masculine Wisdom
November 8: What is True Union? Merging Masculine & Feminine Energies


What is covered in this Webinar (Part 1):

  • What is Feminine Wisdom?
  • How to experience more connection, sensuality, and power in your day. 
  • How to magnetize a partner with your innate feminine magic. 
  • How to lead from your Feminine and manifest your hearts desires. 
  • How to be a badass AND a goddess, strong AND soft, flow AND action... 
  • How to listen to your intuition and let it guide you through big life decisions.
  • 3 practical ways to switch from chronic depletion to high energy thriving!
  • Q&A - come with questions!


Happy New Moon in Libra Ladies!

Be sure to take a few moments of silence in the next 24 hours for yourself to pause and reflect on the month past and the month coming up. Take this stillness to re-commit to your meditation, mindful eating practices, more time in nature, core desired feelings, etc, and listen to what whats to be born within you.

Do a cord cutting, body scrub, burn some stuff – give yourself time and space to fully embrace the darkness and death of what is no longer serving you.
Once complete, call in the new seeds in your heart that want to take shape, and push them into the fertile soil of this new moon.

Pray, dance, sing, meditate, be in gratitude, make offerings to nature!

Learn more about this moon: Mystic Mama / Chanini Cholas

With love,


Art by Zeng Hao

Rachel Rossitto