Awaken your inner seductress this weekend

Seduction: Sacred or Profane?

For many women, seduction is a mysterious topic.

On one hand we know deep in our hearts that our bodies are holy and our sensuality is part of our innate feminine power, but on the other hand, we wonder, are we being manipulative or over-sexualized?

(photo source unknown – hot though, right?)

“The seductress is one of the most potent female personas in existence. Though long misunderstood and ignored, she’s the paradigmatic liberated woman, empowered with men and empowered in life." - Betsy Prioleau 

I've learned that seduction has less to do with the outcome of attracting a partner, and more to do with fully experiencing the magic of my own femininity.

The art of seduction is really about slowing down, connecting with the senses and entering into a state of receptivity, playfulness and empowerment. It's a spiritual practice, and one that has led me to a deeper, more loving relationship with myself.

The beautiful thing is, we don't have to change ourselves in any way to be a seductress – all women are seductresses – being magnetic is our nature.

In fact, the source of our seducing power is the willingness to just fully be YOU and unapologetically express it through your presence and the way you move your body.

As I mentioned above, the point of seduction isn't solely to get a man or steam things up in the bedroom, however, owning your sexuality and happiness awakens a sexy confidence that in-turn, makes relationships healthier and richer – so it's a win-win. Ready to give it a try?


Here are 5 easy ways to awaken your inner seductress:

1. Elevate your posture.

I'll ask you – how are you sitting right now? Are your shoulders hunched over and chin sticking out? How does it feel to sit that way? Personally, I feel pretty frumpy.

Now sit up tall, relax your shoulders and expand through your heart. Add a soft smile and a slink of feline. How does it feel to be in your body?

More powerful and inviting right?

Now hunch again. This time, close your eyes and think of one of your favorite legendary seductresses – Cleopatra? Marilyn, Cher? Now channel her as you shift your posture again from being "off" to "ON."

Did you know 55% of how we communicate is through our bodies? Psychologist Albert Mehrabian came up with the 7%-38%-55% rule, which basically says there are three elements in any face-to-face communication, words (7%), tone of voice (38%) and body language (55%).

Your posture tells a story.

Invitation: This weekend, whether you are standing in line at the grocery store, having tea with a friend or having dinner with your love – elevate your posture and sit like a seductress. Notice how it shifts the way you feel, move and think.

2. Slow things down.

Whatever you're doing, do it slower. Whether it's walking across the room, pouring tea, taking a bite of food, getting dressed, or even getting undressed....

Being a seductress is about be present and taking in all sensations and pleasures of each moment, from conception to completion.

Invitation: This weekend, whether you're moving the hair away from your face, taking a bite of food, walking across the room... whatever it is, do it slower. Don't forget to breathe.

A presence practice by Kitty Cavalier:

Take your hand and touch your chest. 
Now take your hand away. 

Do it again. This time, first think about touching your chest.
Think about the aching of the chest, but don't touch yet.
Just feel the tension between the two lovers.

Then when you're ready, touch your chest
Just as you did before, but slower, feeling everything.
When you finish, take your hand away.

Notice how the hand misses the chest and the way the chest misses the hand. 

Can you imagine if everything in our lives with such presence? 
Presence is the hallmark of a seductress.

“What’s the difference between sex and seduction? Sex is the culmination of desire, seduction is the dance of desire, the enjoyment from conception to foreplay, afterglow, and climax." — Kitty

3. Accentuate your lips.

The lips are from where a woman shares her unique voice – and nothing is sexier and empowering that a woman speaking her Truth.

To bring awareness to these sacred lips, adorn them with a lip color or gloss. For centuries, women haveworn lipstick to mimic the color of her aroused lady part – oolala – that's definitely one interesting way to pick out the perfect lip color.

Invitation: Pay attention to your lips this weekend. Do a lip treatment (honey + sugar scrub), wear lip color, be aware of your lips in conversation, leave a kiss mark on your mirror and speak your truth. Be bold and brave with your words.

4. Bat your lashes.

One look can speak volumes. Whether it's piercing devil eyes, bedroom eyes or a mother looking at her newborn baby. We have the capacity to create intimacy and communicate deeply with our eyes as they reflect our soul.

Invitation: Make an effort to look people in the eyes this weekend. I'm not saying give everyone you meet your seducing bedroom eyes, but connect with strangers, coworkers or friends with your present, attentive, warm, loving eyes – perhaps add an appropriate wink or two? Also, experiment with looking into your own eyes next time you find yourself at a mirror. What do you see?

5. Work it!

The beauty of every woman is her individuality and how she embraces her uniqueness. This weekend I invite you to explore and play with what your unique, empowered, sensual walk looks like.

Invitation: Walk around your house like you mean it. Go fast, then slow. Move your hips, experiment with your hands – have fun! Do a few hyper-exaggerated, then see if you can make it look and feel more organic. Explore what your individual walk looks like and when you feel ready, try it on in public! Wearing sunglasses helps : )

I hope you found this interesting and worth exploring. Remember, take it lightly, have fun and let me know how it goes!

Rachel Rossitto