5 Steps to a Sacred, Juicy Autumn Reset


Every year around this time, the Fall Equinox, I get a case of what my friends and I will joke, "back to school vibes" – where you feel inspired to comb through your long tangly mermaid locks from the wild summer ways, put your bra back on and energetically sharpen your "pencils."

Today is the New Moon and this Friday is the Fall Equinox – so in other words – it's PRIME TIME to hit the RESET button on your life as we enter into this new cycle. 

What does that look like exactly?
Ok beauties... here is the quick & skinny bullet list version. 

Screenshot 2017-09-18 17.48.00.png

1. Dust off your altar space & make it sparkle.

Call in your Kali Ma energy my priestesses and dismantle your old altar.

Be sure to sit before it with soft eyes first. Take it all in as you reflect on the last few months, cultivating an open heart of gratitude for the gifts this space has given you.

When it's time, go ahead and strip, baby, strip. 

Once you feel complete, spray the table down with some eco-friendly juju and sit with the emptiness. When you feel ready, only put back the items that feel present and potent. 

Fresh + Relevant + Activated + Potent = Altar Sparkle. 

You can add a few treasures from your summer travels like feathers, rocks, talismans, photos – add in symbols that represent the energies you are currently calling into your life, or what you'd like to be reminded of that you are most grateful for – teachers, loved ones, this beautiful earth. 

Be sure to stock up on the basics: sage, copal, tea lights, rosewater and fresh flowers. 
The latest item on my altar? Coral. I watched the documentary Chasing Coral on Netflix and was blown away by the role coral reef plays in our planet's entire eco-system. I have a new found love and respect for these magnificent creatures and appreciate having them in my daily awareness. 

Most importantly, recommit to your practices. 
Does your current meditation practice feel dry, boring or ineffective?

Consider trying a new technique or asking a friend to teach you her favorite practice. You could also pick a mantra, mudra, chakra, color or element to go into deep study with this season.

Feel free to reply to this email if you'd like help designing your altar and spiritual practice for the next 3 months that aligns and supports your current state of affairs.

2. Schedule a 3-7 day detox cleanse.

Summer is all about off-roading – at least that's the case in my life. I loosen my belt a few notches, ease up with rules and allow myself to be in the present moment and have fun –  even if that means "accidentally" eating cacao fudge ice cream for breakfast because I couldn't find the eggs.

True story.

It's ok! It's natural to go off your ideal diet.

The muscle I'm always learning to strength is the one of getting back on the horse once I've fallen off, cause lord knows you're gonna fall off. 

A cleanse is great because you have clear guidelines and you actually get enough momentum to feel and enjoy the benefits of nourishing your body properly – clear-minded! energetically light! deep sleep! more energy! better mood! bright ideas! clear glowing skin! happy and loving! 

(Of course, these peak comes to you after you've passed through the valley of uncomfortable detox symptoms, usually from day 1-3. It's short-term pain, long-term gain situation. Well worth it.) 

For those of you who have taken my annual signature Rosegold Cleanse, you could apply the rosegold method, dust off the recipes and practice the sacred rituals. There are many cleanses out there and I recommend finding one that fits with your body type, lifestyle and desired results. 


3. Amp up your bathing & beauty rituals. 

Hours in the sun and long salty ocean swims are behind you now.

Your skin is dehydrated and wants some sweet sweet lovin, aka exfoliation + moisture. 
It's time to stock up on your sacred oils, herbs, potions, essential oils and supplements.

Don't forget to dry brush your skin, hit up the korean spa for a full scrub down, saturate your hair with vamakeshi oils and take a few Cleopatra milk baths.

The ancients would spend hours in bathhouses doing bathing rituals before entering the Temples. This is a crucial part of your sacred morning practices. Don't miss it. 

These rituals replenish your vitality and give you the kind of juice that make dreams come true!

At the very least, go to Whole Foods and pick up 5 small bottles of Rosewater and stash one in your fridge, car, bedside table, purse and desk. It's supple skin, long-lasting youth and high vibes in a bottle – no-brainer in my experience. This is one of the gifts I give all my friends and clients for any holiday, birthday or day of the week. It always lifts shitty mood and brings you back to center. 

Current favorite essential oil? Rose by Amma and Isis & Rebirth Anointing Oil by Kate's Magik. 

4. Set your intentions & get to work on your calendar.

We have about 3 months of the year left. 

What loops do you want to close? What projects haven't you begun yet? Any places you want to go? Friends to visit? Goals to hit? How can you use your time wisely to end 2017 with a big bang?

Last week I made a list of 2-4 top priorities in the following categories: health & wellness, creativity, partnership, business, finances, travel, and community.

It was so helpful to get clear and focused on what is truly the most important to me right now – chances are it's different than what it was 6 months ago! It was for me. 

The key to this process is to put everything in the calendar to give it the best shot of manifesting. 

For example, I scheduled sessions with my healer, acupuncturist, nutritionist and singing teacher – books clients months out, scheduled classes & workshops that I'm teaching (as well as taking!), scheduled dinners with girlfriends, sacred gatherings, meetings with collaborators, hot dates, holiday flights etc... of course, all as best as I could. 

I feel like I can breathe now that the season has shape and contour, like a sexy black dress....unlike my summer which is more like playing dress-up in my cool/zany aunt's closet. 

Of course, I left plenty of room for changes and unexpected opportunities, but the process was grounding and inspiring. The power is in the healthy balance of masculine structure and planning, and feminine ease and flow for the magic of life to unfold in the highest, more organic way.

I'm always recalibrating these two parts of me, you too?


5. Ask for accountability & support.

This final step is KEY. 

It's wonderful to have the intention to make changes in your life – but the follow-through is hard!

Throughout my journey, I've received support from friends and family – but it wasn't until I decided to start investing in the support of other healers & coaches that I really saw meaningful shifts.

If you are feeling like you're nodding HELL YES to all of the suggestions above but just aren't sure if you can make them stick, let's jump on a call so I can support you!

"As a fairly self aware person, I wasn't sure how working with a coach would impact me, but Rachel as been my fairy godmother this past year. In fact working with Rachel has been life changing. I'm a driven and ambitious person, and I came to Rachel so burnt out I didn't know where to turn. Bubble baths, pedicures and massages weren't even going to touch how hard I had been pushing myself. I need deep deep rest.

Rachel's work showed me that I wasn't taking very good care of myself, and the reason that so many parts of my career and life felt heavy was because I wasn't truly able to put them down and let myself rest. I wasn't asking myself what I needed, I was asking myself how hard I could push. It was painful learning how to rest, slow down, call things in, and ask for help — but I have so much more space in my life now.

I have more joy, I'm a better partner, I'm making more money, I'm growing my team, I have more moments to relax into the flow of what I am doing, and more moments of awareness to let go of the things that I don't need. Rachel's work was like bringing rich fertilizer to an over-planted, over-harvested, dry garden. If you're even questioning if you need a Rachel in your life, the answer's already yes. It was one of the best investments in myself I've ever made."

– Jenni Brown, Founder of Prim'd Marketing

My superpower is helping women design a self-care routine that works for them so that they can focus on tackling the big, hairy, challenging parts of their lives.

If you aren't feeling rested, grounded, and fully at home in yourself, how can you take on the parts of your life you find most challenging?

I hope these 5 steps will be helpful in your transition to autumn!

As always, I love hearing from you – please let me know how the practices go and if you have questions or would like further guidance – I got ya darling.  

I wish you a beautiful New Moon and Equinox celebration – and if you aren't attending a witchy gathering this time around, I recommend getting quiet and going into nature.

Be still, enjoy the silence, write down anything that comes through, and take that seed of wisdom or vision you receive, and nurture it into existence with your unconditional love and patience. 

In love & service,

Rose Medicine
Supporting women in awakening the divine feminine within
through ancient wisdom, daily sacred rituals and embodiment practices.


I will be teaching a restorative yoga class with live music, essential oils, mudra, mantra and more yumminess on Thursday evenings at Harmonia in Sausalito starting in a few weeks. I'll also be leading a few sacred feminine Rose Ritual workshops there as well – stay tuned for more details! 

Rachel Rossitto