A Sacred Container & Guided Path for Rebirthing Yourself

Do you feel like you're about to go through a massive growth spurt and need spiritual & practical guidance through this transition?

Women everywhere are being called to rise up into their feminine power in a way they never have before. You too?

What most people don't tell you about transformation is that just before we blossom with our full wings spread, first we turn into goo or chrysalis, just like butterflies, and it can look and feel really messy. 

It can feel like you're dying and everything is falling apart before your eyes - but from my personal experience this is actually a really good thing – it means change is coming and your life is being cleared so that the new can sprout and take shape! 

You may experience this as change as feeling itchy and uncomfortable in your skin, relationships getting old and stale - this overall feeling like things are falling apart and not working anymore. This means you are in the death phase and in the early stages of a Rebirth. 

In this 6-month container, I will be your "life doula" to help you through this initiation and get to the other side, thriving!

Are you ready?

Sacred Feminine 1-on-1 Coaching Program FAQ

Why is it a 6-month container? Can I schedule 1 month at a time?

From my experience with coaching women in this format for the last 5+ years, 6 months is the sweet spot timeframe to make a transformation have long-lasting change in your life. It takes time to build new habits, rituals, routines, patterns and internal mental, emotional and spiritual landscapes. 

Sometimes after 1 or 2 months in you might feel discomfort as you rub up against resistance and challenge. It's important to keep going and pierce through this phase instead of interpreting it as a reason to return back to "old comfortable ways." 

This is the moment to lean in more – the only way out is through. This is one of the most valuable aspects of having a personal coach. They can walk you through the hardest parts of the journey that perhaps we have avoided for decades. It's on the other side of these sticky moments that we grow the most. This has been my personal experience and what I have witnessed first-hand in hundreds of women. 

Think about your internal world as a garden. Like nature, it works cyclically and there is a rhythm to it. First we assess the situation, then pull out the weeds, churn the soil, plant new seeds, water them as they become little sprouts and eventually watch them grow bigger and stronger and become buds, then eventually blossom into full blown roses! 

It's a process, and it takes time to make a shift. Like a caterpillar turning into chrysalis goo before becoming a butterfly = ) When you are birthing yourself you can't rush the process. It simply takes the time it takes. 

How often we will meet?

We will meet on Skype (FaceTime or Zoom) every other week for 60 minutes ... twice a month every month for 6 months. 

What is the format of the session?

We will start off with a short guided meditation to help us get grounded in present time, connect to each other and open to guidance and support from the Universe, your spirit guides, angels, ancestors (whatever higher power / beings you feel most connected to) and / or simply the wisdom of your own heart. 

I will ask you to come to our session with questions you have, or a specific topic you would like to focus on. If you don't have any, we will do a high level heart & womb check ;)  I will invite you to reflect on what is most present for you right now. In this check-in we will unearth the core struggles and places of challenge and stagnancy in your life, as well as unpack to see more clearly your deepest dreams and desires. 

This may be in the area of self-care, spiritual practice, embodiment, sensuality, relationships, self-expression or purpose. Since every session is personalized to you we will address what is most pressing and relevant. 

I have a methodology that I use as a framework, which is based around the idea that you are "cultivating deep-knowing, beauty and sacredness from the inside out." 

This means that our earlier sessions will focus more on developing morning practices and sacred rituals, as well as healing the body and heart. Midway through our journey we will focus on sensuality, creativity and relationships, and our latter sessions will focus on self-expression and purpose. We will be moving like a spiral, or petals of a rose opening one at a time. However, each woman is at a different phase of her life and evolution, so ultimately in each session, I meet you exactly where you are. 

At the end of the session we will agree on 1-3 actions steps you will commit to taking before our next session. This may include rituals, reading a book or article, listening to podcast / video, modifying your diet, having a conversation... etc. 

I believe strongly in the power of accountability and taking action. This is how we take knowledge from "ideas" into "lived experience." It's important for us to see the world through new eyes, however it is the micro steps we take everyday that lead us into a life of embodied wisdom. 

If there's time left in our call and you're open to it, we will do an energy healing to solidify the "ah-hah's!" from our session into your body on an energetic and cellular level. 

What is required of me between sessions?

I encourage my clients to develop and / or deepen a daily sacred morning practice. At the very minimum, I ask you to commit to at least 10 minutes of quiet time in the morning to ground your energy, listen to your body and cultivate a sweet, loving vibration to sustain and enliven you throughout the day. This is very important.

There may be a few suggestions we agree on in our session that may take 1-2 hours per week. I believe that the actions you take between sessions are just as, if not more important, than our sessions themselves. It brings the very high level, esoteric feminine wisdom we will discuss, down into the body and manifested in the human experience. 

Working with the combination of the spiritual (energetic) and the practical (action) is what allows us to move mountains in our lives! 

Once again, the highlight of this private coaching offering is that it's 100% personalized for you, so wherever you are, I will meet you there. 

If you are a busy mom and have slivers of time, we will make it work for you and your lifestyle. If you have lots of time to devote to your growth and awakening, I can go as deep as you are willing and ready to go. 

What will we cover in our sessions? Some topics include... 

  • Cultivating and sustaining a juicy, beautiful sacred morning practice

  • Knowing yourself more deeply, strengthening your intuitive powers 

  • Creating a soft, sensual sacred space in your home / Temple / Sanctuary 

  • Adorning yourself in a feminine, expressed and authentic way 

  • Overcoming heartbreak, healing from past relationships and calling in new, healthy and aligned love 

  • Nourishing your body so you have more energy, vibrancy and glow 

  • Healing from old health issues... digestion, skin, brain fog, etc 

  • Practicing ancient self-care rituals, for inner and outer beauty

  • Guided meditations and visualizations to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm 

  • Embodiment practices that will inspire you to move in a sexy, luscious way

  • Awakening your abilities to seduce and magnetize what your desire 

  • Strengthening your aura and managing your energy with intention and elegance. 

  • Creating healthy boundaries to plug holes and stop energy leaks 

  • Tapping into your unique frequency, gifts, superpowers and channel them for good

  • Learning about the goddess archetypes and uncovering your etherial crew! 

  • Balancing your own feminine and masculine energy within 

  • Healing past wounds, shedding light on places inside that are shadowy 

  • Reclaiming sensuality, beauty, femininity and power

  • Cultivating meaning and sacredness in all areas of your life 

What is your coaching style like?

My coaching style is down-to-earth, gentle, nurturing, intuitive, fun and effective! I believe you are a powerful wise woman and all the answers are inside of YOU. My superpower is I am able to hold up a squeaky clean mirror for you to see your OWN beauty, magic and power more clearly, and I help you amplify your soul's authentic essence and expression out to every area of your life. 

I believe that when a woman taps into her innate magnetism and receptivity, she can reclaim her feminine power and magical manifesting abilities! 

From where do you derive your expertise?

See my About page.

Pricing and availability?

Email me at rachel@rachelrossitto.com and I will get back to you shortly.


What past clients are saying ... 

"Within the first six months of seeing Rachel I felt a lot of movement. Not just as a creative professional and business owner, which is why I originally sought out her services, but as a creative individual. Rachel helped guide me toward, and through, hard yet necessary decisions I needed to make in my personal life so that my professional self– the creative entrepreneur that I've always imagined myself becoming– could flourish. It's due to her foresight, her persistence, and her ruthless honestly that I'm now reaping a new found success, personally and professionally." - K'Dee Miller, Writer + Video Producer, Patina Pictures

"As a fairly self aware person, I wasn't sure how working with a coach would impact me, but Rachel as been my fairy godmother this past year. In fact working with Rachel has been life changing. I'm a driven and ambitious person, and I came to Rachel so burnt out I didn't know where to turn. Bubble baths, pedicures and massages weren't even going to touch how hard I had been pushing myself. I need deep deep rest.

Rachel's work showed me that I wasn't taking very good care of myself, and the reason that so many parts of my career and life felt heavy was because I wasn't truly able to put them down and let myself rest. I wasn't asking myself what I needed, I was asking myself how hard I could push. It was painful learning how to rest, slow down, call things in, and ask for help — but I have so much more space in my life now. I have more joy, I'm a better partner, I'm making more money, I'm growing my team, I have more moments to relax into the flow of what I am doing, and more moments of awareness to let go of the things that I don't need. Rachel's work was like bringing rich fertilizer to an over-planted, over-harvested, dry garden. If you're even questioning if you need a Rachel in your life, the answer's already yes. It was one of the best investments in myself I've ever made." – Jenni Brown, Founder of Prim'd Marketing

“Rachel has inspired me to embrace and deepen in my self-love and feminine power, and to be the best version of myself – without telling me or giving “advice” but rather embodying it on her own and providing the most unconditional loving support and pathways to more holistic daily practices. She has helped me develop better habits for my health on the road traveling internationally, to at home practices to provide healing spaces for reflection and spiritual growth, as well as relationship coaching in my most intimate relationships and transitions. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” — Ting Kelly, Experience Designer + Entrepreneur at tingkelly.com