A sacred container & guided path for rebirthing yourself

Do you feel like you're about to go through a massive growth spurt and need spiritual & practical guidance through this transition?

Women everywhere are being called to rise up into their feminine power in a way they never have before. You too?

What most people don't tell you about transformation is that just before we blossom with our full wings spread, first we turn into goo or chrysalis, just like butterflies, and it can look and feel really messy. 

It can feel like you're dying and everything is falling apart before your eyes - but from my personal experience this is actually a really good thing – it means change is coming and your life is being cleared so that the new can sprout and take shape! 

You may experience this as change as feeling itchy and uncomfortable in your skin, relationships getting old and stale - this overall feeling like things are falling apart and not working anymore. This means you are in the death phase and in the early stages of a Rebirth. 

In this 6-month container, I will be your "life doula" to help you through this initiation and get to the other side thriving! 

We will meet for an hour once every other week in person or on the phone. 


Part 1: Initial Immersion

We would kick off our time together with a 3-hour immersion - at my temple space, or yours. 

We will discuss aspects of body, spirituality, rituals, sensuality, visions and creativity. 

Also in this session I would learn more about you - what are your fears, traumas, resistances around the feminine - we all have old programing that goes back generations! -  and what it is exactly that you wish to embody and cultivate in the months to come. We will co-create a flow / map that feels good for us both for how I can best support you - focused content, levels of accountability etc. 

In our session I will weave cacao, tea, sound or energy healing into our session to support and amplify the magic that arrises = ) 


Part 2: 1 hour coaching calls / rose energy healing twice a month

After our initial session we will have a 1 hour coaching call every other week (twice a month) to continue to unpack this work. This will give us a chance to check in, refine the work, ask questions, and deepen in your practices and embodiment. These calls are very important because it helps to keep the content alive! This helps to shift from "knowing in your mind", to fully "feeling it in your bones." 


Part 3: Closing immersion

We will have another 3-hour deep dive session to close out our time together so we can reflect on all the change and transformation that has occurred and talk about next steps! How to maintain this beautiful energy and shift you've so powerfully cultivated for months and years to come. 

After each session you will receive a follow up email from me with references and highlights from our session + a recording if you'd like! Also, between session you have full access to me via email / text. 

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