Rachel Rossitto


Awakening & Empowering the Feminine Spirit


Ancient Wisdom, Daily Sacred Rituals & Embodiment Practices.

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I support women in nourishing their bodies, strengthening their spiritual practices and experiencing more depth and beauty in their lives.

With 10+ years of experience as a certified holistic health coach, yoga & meditation teacher, and birth doula, I support women in embodying their true power by connecting with their innate feminine nature. 

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I believe that when a woman feels connection to her feminine qualities of receptivity, beauty, softness, sensuality and intuition, she opens herself up to flow and can manifest love and partnership, tap into creative depths and give her gifts fully.


I offer a 6-month group coaching program called EVOKE: Awakening the Goddess Within, 1-on-1 coaching and tea meditation + sound bath healing experiences for group events and retreats. Scroll down to learn more!


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Awakening the Goddess Within

An online group coaching program for women of all ages.

Admission is currently open!

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Evoke is a 6-month online program for women seeking inspiration and guidance with self-love, spiritual practice, embodiment, sacred sensuality, self-expression, relationships and manifestation! 

The beauty of this container is that you aren't walking this path alone. You will be doing so with a sisterhood of likeminded, yet diverse, women who will be your mirrors, cheerleaders and support team. Together, we rise higher. 


1-on-1 Coaching

6-Month Sacred Feminine Life Design Coaching Package


A sacred container & guided path for rebirthing yourself.

Do you feel like you're about to go through a massive growth spurt and need spiritual & practical guidance through this transition? Women everywhere are being called to rise up into their feminine power in a way they never have before. You too?

What most people don't tell you about transformation is that just before we blossom with our full wings spread, first we turn into goo or chrysalis, just like butterflies, and it can look and feel really messy. In this 6-month container, I will be your "life doula" to help you through this initiation and get to the other side, thriving.


 Tea & Sound Meditation

Grounding and nourishing compliment for special events, gatherings and retreats


Tea // Enjoy a few warm bowls of medicinal tea from the old-growth forests of China. This ancient tea practice has been known to reduce stress, promote a clear mind and bring the body into a state of balance. Tea sessions are carried out in silence in the form of a guided meditation.

Sound // Sound healing is a beautiful way of entering into a soothing, meditative state of being. I use my voice and a selection of sacred instruments to create a vibration of love and healing that will open your body and melt your heart. 

These two offerings can be experienced separately or together.