"...why I absolutely love Rachel's approach. It's gentle, loving and there is a flavor of Divine reverence that I haven't seen anywhere else."

"Rachel is a leading light in the future of women empowerment and authentic, sacred beauty."


"Working with Rachel was one of the most beautiful and empowering experiences of my life! She is extremely passionate about helping women find and embody their feminine goddess energy."


"Rachel I just wanted to send you little note of immense gratitude. You went above and beyond today just to make my day and I cannot thank you enough I already feel so much more grounded and aligned and I was visioning this afternoon again and already feeling this opening so thank you so much I cannot express how much I love and adore you. ❤️"


"Rachel is a ray of sunshine. I know I am guaranteed to be in a better mood, refreshed space and be re-inspired after I see her. She has a mothers heart and touch, a grandmothers wisdom and a child's spirit."


"Her manner is patient, loving and artistic. the cheer she carries holds depth. her character reminds me of the earth itself."


"We've only just met, but I feel compelled to tell you are an incredible force. I am moved by your grace and the quiet power in which you lead.

You are so beautiful and I'm very grateful to have connected with you."


"Rachel’s work is transformative. She empowers women to learn the art of self-care, so long forgotten from our matriarcal traditions. The care, quality and beauty she pours into this art is deeply felt by me and many sisters. I am constantly moved by Rachel’s gifts and craft; by her devotion to help women feel their own inherent power, and her gentle and fierce ways to help us remember."


"Rachel knew exactly what to say and exactly how to guide me with effortlessness and grace. She really understood me and tailored our time together in a way that supported my specific needs. It was amazing. She's like a beautiful feminine ninja who intuitively knows how to bring you to place of power, depth, and love"


"Rachel is a naturally gifted, dedicated, loving, inspiring & enlightened teacher and coach.  I went to her yoga dance workshop for the first time and within minutes of hearing her speak, felt lighter and more expansive.  After an hour of movement, guided by her loving voice, I was completely transmuted!  The vibration of her voice alone is a natural healer. Her work is simply an extension on her heart.  Walking to her studio or classroom is a gift."


"Rachel has mastered the art of being a woman.  After years of schooling and higher education, I had lost touch with my feminine side and my ability to flow with life in the moment. Then I met Rachel. She showed me how to take care of my body and mind in a way that felt sexy, authentic, and real. She showed me the meaning of W-O-M-A-N. I noticed positive shifts in my daily rituals, yoga practice, and even my relationships. Rachel is a living example of a woman who truly lives what she preaches (which is so rare!)."