I am passionate about the birth experience and love nothing more than supporting a woman through this powerful initiation. 

My mother put a lot of love and attention into herself when she was pregnant with me by focusing on her nutrition, movement and deep inner work and I've always appreciated her for that. I think it made a big difference for our birth experience.

I was born at home with the support of 2 midwifes, a doula along with my dad and brother. The room was covered in daisies and I came out to whale sounds – no joke. This was the early 80s after all. I'm not saying this is how all people should give birth, but she made it her own and I think because of that we have a very tight and sacred bond, which continues to grow deeper over the years.

This has inspired me to become a birth doula through Birth Arts International in 2012 and do my 45-hour prenatal yoga teacher training with Mama Tree with Jane Austin in San Francisco in 2014I have been supporting mothers-to-be for the past 6 years in California, New York and Philadelphia.

I help work with women / couples leading up to / and during their pregnancy with the intention of having a healthy, empowering birth experience. I teach my clients skills and techniques that help them to be strong and loving present to their process. I've supported home deliveries, hospitals, as well as mothers who've decided to take medication and others who've gone au naturel.

I have no agenda or strong judgement around what a birth should look like, my intention is only to give you the information to decide what birth experience is right for you, then do my best to help you along that journey. 


If you would like to learn more about my availability and packages set up a time for an introductory call and we can see if we are a good fit!



The role of a doula is to guide, support and hold space for women and their partners as they transition into this new phase of their lives. Doulas help mothers prepare for birth and provide relaxation techniques and optimal positions for a calm and easeful labor. 

Having a doula at you birth has statistically been shown to reduce the length of labor, number or c-sections and need for pain medication and other interventions. 

What past clients are saying... 

“Rachel was a source of support and knowledge from the first time that my husband and I first met with her. I knew right away that her calming presence was exactly what I wanted during labor. She spent time teaching us breathing techniques and labor positions that were invaluable during the very long journey to meet our son. I cannot recommend her highly enough to help guide you through the type of labor and birth that you want!”
— Ashley Wallace
“I was blessed to have been introduced to Rachel. She immediately got me on the right mindset with confidence and helpful yoga and breathing techniques to be prepared for the experience. She provided me with great resources and reassuring conversations that helped me plan for being in control and engaged in my next birth. 
Rachel is gentle, sweet, and caring, and also demonstrates keen emotional intelligence and judgment. She has a great positive energy and presence. I never felt that she was intruding (which was important for me as I wanted this to be an experience for me and my husband). On the actual delivery day I was so lucky to have Rachel to provide me emotional support and also to help me find the courage to question and control the procedures that the hospital staff intended to administer in a seemingly indiscriminate way. My birth was made with manageable pain and no fear, and all complete in an hour and a half, and the strength to be present throughout it all. Rachel was critical to this success.” 
— Natatcha Kolb 
“Rachel was my doula with my first child, and was the epitome of calm and support throughout our time together. She helped me so much in the final month with her yoga instruction and breathing exercises. I had back problems throughout my pregnancy and she was able to help relieve the pain and make me confident that I would be able to manage the pain of delivery. During the labor Rachel was there every step of the way (and boy was it a long step, I was in labor for over 48 hours!). She made sure I was comfortable, organized and collected throughout the labor. I felt so confident in her ability to work with my Dr. and my partner that I didn’t feel like I had to do anything but concentrate on bringing my baby into the world. Her passion for child birth and yoga practice are essential in her line of work and made me feel beyond relaxed and confident.”
— Kyla Weinman