3 available spots opening this September

This is an opportunity for driven, ambitious, creative women who feel burnt out and want to cultivate more "juice" in their lives. 


  • How to design and sustain a morning ritual (with accountability) 
  • Ancient Ayurvedic self-care and beauty morning and evening practices 
  • New delicious recipes that are easy and fun to make
  • The exact foods and supplements you need to your body is a peak function 
  • Meditation, breathing techniques and yoga to destress and feel more connected 
  • How to decorate your home so it feels like a gorgeous, sacred Temple
  • How to organize your closet, dress and adorn yourself like a (fucking) Goddess
  • How to move in your body is a sexy, luscious way 
  • Which books you must be reading and playlists you must be listening to
  • Many more things depending on what you're looking to elevate in your life .... 



My approach is nurturing, intuitive, direct and enjoyable. I believe you are a powerful wise woman and all the answers are inside of you. When a woman taps into her abilities to be receptive and taps into her innate magnetism she reclaims her feminine power and manifesting abilities. 


  • 2 60-minute coaching sessions a month for 6 months either phone / Skype or in person at my house in Mill Valley, CA 
  • A follow up email with notes from our session
  • Resources (best products, recipes, books, podcasts, designers etc) 
  • Support between sessions as needed via email 
  • Surprise beautiful gifts throughout 



If you feel called to work together fill out this intake form telling me more about you and then we'll set up a free consultation. If we decide we're a good fit then I will send you agreement forms and we'll book our next session. I work with my clients for 6 months. I only take 6-8 clients at a time so please only reach out if you truly feel called to work together.  


What past clients are saying ... 

"Within the first six months of seeing Rachel I felt a lot of movement. Not just as a creative professional and business owner, which is why I originally sought out her services, but as a creative individual. Rachel helped guide me toward, and through, hard yet necessary decisions I needed to make in my personal life so that my professional self– the creative entrepreneur that I've always imagined myself becoming– could flourish. It's due to her foresight, her persistence, and her ruthless honestly that I'm now reaping a new found success, personally and professionally." - K'Dee Miller, Writer + Video Producer, Patina Pictures
"As a fairly self aware person, I wasn't sure how working with a coach would impact me, but Rachel as been my fairy godmother this past year. In fact working with Rachel has been life changing. I'm a driven and ambitious person, and I came to Rachel so burnt out I didn't know where to turn. Bubble baths, pedicures and massages weren't even going to touch how hard I had been pushing myself. I need deep deep rest. 
Rachel's work showed me that I wasn't taking very good care of myself, and the reason that so many parts of my career and life felt heavy was because I wasn't truly able to put them down and let myself rest. I wasn't asking myself what I needed, I was asking myself how hard I could push. It was painful learning how to rest, slow down, call things in, and ask for help — but I have so much more space in my life now. I have more joy, I'm a better partner, I'm making more money, I'm growing my team, I have more moments to relax into the flow of what I am doing, and more moments of awareness to let go of the things that I don't need. Rachel's work was like bringing rich fertilizer to an over-planted, over-harvested, dry garden. If you're even questioning if you need a Rachel in your life, the answer's already yes. It was one of the best investments in myself I've ever made." – Jenni Brown, Founder of Prim'd Marketing
“Rachel has inspired me to embrace and deepen in my self-love and feminine power, and to be the best version of myself – without telling me or giving “advice” but rather embodying it on her own and providing the most unconditional loving support and pathways to more holistic daily practices. She has helped me develop better habits for my health on the road traveling internationally, to at home practices to provide healing spaces for reflection and spiritual growth, as well as relationship coaching in my most intimate relationships and transitions. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” — Ting Kelly, Experience Designer + Entrepreneur at tingkelly.com