Inner Circle

Enrollment now open for October 2017


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This is an opportunity for women health coaches, yogini's and creatives who are building a brand around their gifts to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge through personal study under my customized guidance. ver the course of 12 months, you will be guided through an in-depth study of your soul's journey, teaching/business skills and how to bring your essence into a fuller expression. 



Have completed one of my previous offerings: 6-month private coaching, Rosegold Cleanse, Magnetic Program or attended one of my retreats or gatherings. If you have not done any of these things but feel strongly that we are meant to work together, send me an email and let's talk. 



Get clear about your unique message and what makes you stand out.
Identify your market and your connections within it.
Build a sustainable and profitable online presence.
Have a plan and system for your private sessions.
Embrace mindful marketing so you can fill your client docket.
Stand firm in your professionalism when it comes to boundaries, paperwork, and scheduling.
Bridge your yoga knowledge with mindful business mindsets.
Confidently charge what you are worth.
Create your ideal business and schedule.
Find your voice, create meaningful offerings, and enhance your leadership skills.


6 one-on-one coaching calls (twice a month), 2 meetings (in person or Skype).
Guest passes to my group classes in NYC. Opportunity to assist in workshops.

12 months of private coaching 

24 one-on-one coaching calls (twice a month) either in person or phone / Skype.

 In each session we will check in about what's new and good in your life! (I'll keep a tally) and what's not working / what you're struggling with and you'll leave with 1-3 actions steps to complete until our next session.

1-day in person Intensive (995)

We will kick off Inner Circle with a 1 day (6 hour) in person intensive with optional night stay at our redwood retreat! This day will include yoga / meditation / meals / nature / intention setting / goal setting and mapping out the year ahead with clear milestones.  

21-day Rosegold cleanse + Rosegold box (595) 

In May you will participate in the Rosegold cleanse, which is a 21-day cleanse focusing on eating whole nutritious foods and cutting out inflammatory foods such as wheat, dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Since you are already pretty healthy / conscious, we can personalize this cleanse so you get the most out of it. There is also an emphasis on sacred beauty rituals and self-care practices. 

Mid-way through ½ day in-person intensive (595) 

Around August we will schedule an intensive 3-4 hours to check in, revisit vision, get embodied, do some healing work and make sure you’re on track. 


You will receive beautiful, relevant gifts throughout the year to compliment whatever you're working on. 

Closing ½ day in person intensive (595)

We will complete our time together with another 3/4 hour session where we will close loops, harvesting lessons and celebrate your EPIC year. 

+ discounts / free access if under $100 for all events, retreats, workshops I run this year.